About  D A L Y 
​DALY is a production company with years of experience across the Entertainment industry. We are a London based team with a global network.

We have worked with some of the world's best artists on their music videos, tours, commercials, West End theatre and Off West End theatre, as producers, crewing shows or being part of the crew. We have a 360 view and we know what needs to happen.

We've covered disciplines from rock to ballet, opera, art and sport. We know what an EBow is, the importance of a sprung floor, can discuss coloratura, Rothko and explain the knock-on rule. We also know about First Growths (you can ask us how!).

We've worked in stadiums and in pub venues, world famous theatres and outdoor festivals. If you need a show staged, we have the knowledge. Our team has experience of complex logistical operations, big budgets, contracts, international star talent and hiring the best crews to get the show on the road. 

We have worked with Tony Award winners, Olivier Award winners, BAFTA winners, Emmy and Grammy winners. One of our team was jury selected by BAFTA as one of the UK's top film crew talent and is part of the exclusive BAFTA Crew. We've got you covered.

We have contacts with some of the best creatives, directors and professionals in the field. We prioritise working collaboratively, with the highest level of excellence, discretion, creativity and professionalism that we have worked hard on becoming known for.

If you need it doing, we can do it.

Let's talk.